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June, 2007

I’m not the cleanest individual, but I do make a ton of extra video game money with recycling. Continue Reading »

Though not all Jess’s are created equal, either one would most definitely take out a restraining order against me before actually looking my way on purpose. Continue Reading »

Hilary Duff.  Though I’m not really interested in her (I promise Jess [Biel]), I still understand that both of the RetardMedia readers are interested in glancing over her pics. Continue Reading »

Seems that so many people liked the first Megan Fox pictures, more should be posted.  So here you all go, I just spent my load and I don’t mean JEOMK. Continue Reading »

First she was in something, then something else.  Next she played that part in something else.. Umm.. damn it, I’m focusing on her chest squishies instead of what I’m writing. Continue Reading »

Kelly Brook showing off in black nice outfit – looking good.
Continue Reading »

Cute blond by the pool enjoying the sun, nice… Continue Reading »

Will start posting a lego a week, here at the zone we are big lego fans. We’re retarded so ages 5-12 fits us perfectly…
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Even police hate this cartoon, can’t blame them who can stand to watch that show sober…
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Scientists found the twisted-faced creature, called the Maclaud’s horseshoe bat, while surveying the highland forests of Guinea in West Africa this spring.
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