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July, 2007

Wanda is making me wave my magic wand!
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Space: 1999 (ITC Entertainment, 1975-77) is a British science-fiction television show about the journey of the occupants of a Moon base after the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a nuclear explosion.
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I’m pretty sure that cars get it on when people aren’t looking. This Dodge Demon should be called a Miashe for the way it looks like a Miata and Porsche got busy one night and had an offspring. Continue Reading »

Who cares what her name is has the body, Britney Spears has the cash, and the on the right is just wrong… FMK made easy, enough said.
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I’m not sure if it’s cold in here or just Charlize Theron. I can only imagine Fletch talking with Charlize asking if it is nipply. Continue Reading »

Ya, with women’s volleyball there are bikini clad women sweating, hugging each other, being athletic. Continue Reading »

I know that there are pics of Elizabeth Hurley topless floating around, these aren’t them (those pics are pretty low quality and she’s laying on her back, not sexy enough). So until the high-res in-the-buff pictures come out, these are decent. Continue Reading »

This should never happen.  If you can’t remember the lyrics to the National Anthem, don’t sing it.  Continue Reading »

If Yoko Ono looked like this John Lennon would be alive today. Not really sure how I could prove that statement – but good grief could Yoko Ono be any uglier. Here is a Japanese girl named Yoko who doesn’t look like a ghetto transvestite.
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Not often you see something about Elizabeth Hurley and wild.  I think the last time I thought about Hurley as being wild was when .. umm.. never? Continue Reading »

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