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August, 2007

When a Pussycat Doll sings to you, you pay attention. Not because they are talented singers, but because they are women. And not Oprah or Rosie sized women, they are thin and in shape and sometimes get so loaded on drugs even I have a chance. Continue Reading »

I’m guessing that the Bionic Woman could win in a tennis match with Maria Sharapova, but I’m not sure which of the two broads is hotter. Which of the two would you want playing with your tennis balls? Continue Reading »

Meet Irina Shaykhlislamova, a.k.a. Irina Sheik. If your last name was Shaykhlislamova you would probably change it to Sheik also. Seems a lot easier to sign, say, spell, and think. I’m guessing that she would have loved to get married to a Smith or Jones or Chen. Continue Reading »

If Lindsey Lohan could quit screwing up her life for five minutes, take a couple of acting lessons, and get three times hotter this could be her. Seriously, I’d tag team both Earl and his retarded brother for thirty seconds to disappoint her. If trailer parks had royalty she’d be queen, and since most rednecks can’t spell most of them would assume she was Elvis’ daughter and crown her. Continue Reading »

In what is going to be an amazing chance for paparazzi to harass another star, Michelle Ryan is the new Bionic Woman which is playing on NBC (I bet nobody watches it).  Michelle Ryan has been around for a while, but now she’s playing the role of Jamie Sommers which should get her a few chances to be photographed in a bikini. Continue Reading »

In what is either the world’s ugliest hat or her son’s future spaghetti dinner, Angelina Jolie is either being fashionable or totally lost her mind. Since she’s dealing with almost a half dozen kids and Brad Pitt is being a mommy, maybe she’s just looking for attention. Continue Reading »

There are either more beautiful women in Russia than in America or they just seem to be more available to be seen on the Internet. I’m positive that a restraining order in Russia would equate to my execution, so maybe I’ll stay here. Continue Reading »

While doing some research for umm.. something, I found some pictures of my next mail order bride.  I don’t know her name, I doubt she speaks English, and she’ll probably refuse her own delivery after meeting me. Continue Reading »

We have some advanced photos from the upcoming Disney’s first venture into adult entertainment. The vast corporation is attempting to capture a portion of the lucrative adult industry and market their brand to adult males. Continue Reading »

Like most blondes this wayward russian mail order bride to be is a double major in rocket science.  And by rocket scientist I do mean a genius who would get lost going to the bathroom in her own house. Continue Reading »

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