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September, 2007

Nice lego police car complete with doors that open, larger than standard lego scale – but very nice custom lego creation.
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Taking pictures of beautiful women and sharing them is nice. Taking black and white pictures isn’t a great idea, even if the girls are smoking hot. Remember you photogs, let’s keep the black and white for the olden days or for the ugly. Continue Reading »

Eliza Dushku’s name sounds more like a medical condition then the name of my next pretend girlfriend. Continue Reading »

Pretty sure these ugly clothes are made of a curtain from a Holiday Inn somewhere or my grandma wore them sometime in the 70′s and Jessica Biel still looks hot in them – now that is a the mark of a truly beautiful woman.
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If you win the mega lottery today move to Dubai immediately and buy one of these island mansions. The best part is in Dubai it is legal to have up to four wives, and women can only get a divorce with your permission so alimony will not be a problem.
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Not sure how comfortable a metal bikini would be, but it sure looks kinda cool. I suppose it would be annoying if it were cold outside.
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I liked the Lord of the Rings movies, but you didn’t see much of the lady hobbits. Documented for the first time ever we have photographic evidence of not just female hobbits, but Japanese ones. Not sure would go hobbit?
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PETA use to be pretty quiet and unknown until they started using models and actresses to demonstrate why not to eat meat. Though most of the actresses and models got where they are because they did eat meat on at least one casting couch. Continue Reading »

There are still those out there who deny that man’s best friend is capable of being a predator. Sadly, there are bad dogs, just like there are bad people here is just one such instance.
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Ever wonder how the Karma Sutra would look if it were musical (and not that kind of sound)? Mystery solved.
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