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October, 2007

Jehova’s Witness Don’t Celebreate Halloween…
The ONE Day That It is OK to go Knocking Door to Door – They Don’t Take Full Advantage Of.
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Land of the Dead in Legos – and a Lego zombie movie for Halloween.
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Chyler seemed to get a decent amount of attention, so here are more pictures. Still no Chyler Leigh nudes, but if I had them I would probably be too busy to post them 😉 Continue Reading »

Random girl on the beach for no other reason than being totally hot and taking a shower…
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This is one enormous futuristic Lego city – complete with robots, and giant towers. The city is a little ‘Orwellian’ with a kind of police state meets Star Wars theme – but very cool.
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You’ve seen Chyler Leigh in such movies as.. umm.. well, you probably haven’t seen her movies. But she’s has been on television shows, mostly created by David E. Kelly (maybe he has a nice casting couch).  She also was in Marilyn Manson’s video Tainted Love. Continue Reading »

I’m not a phobic of nearly anything (well, except for light and milk and germs and anything that smells) so I have no problems with gay people or their against-God’s-will-ways.  Just joking, I’m gay too.  Nobody at the party is happier than me. Continue Reading »

I’ve often dreamt that I was a cow and that some hot farmer’s daughter was milking me. Oops.. that might be sharing too much with you people. Continue Reading »

If the Raider Nation was a real place it would be a third world craphole.
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Bidva who apparently was apparently banned from Victoria’s Secret. I wonder how much I would bid for a bit of Bivda… Continue Reading »

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