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November, 2007

Sometimes there are just extra pictures that need to be cleaned off the hard disk.  In this case, it was Kaley Cuoco pictures that needed to be shared and removed from storage. Continue Reading »

I don’t know much about the websites around the Internet these days.  There seem to be a few more than I can keep up with, but thankfully some of our readers share what they like, including Vanessa. Continue Reading »

When I was a kid I would carefully wrinkle up paper bags and make them look like little Matchbox cars so that I could play with my friends and their cars.  I never thought about how as an adult I would want to play with litte cars again. Continue Reading »

Sometimes you find pictures of a girl-next-door that just winds up disappointing you. “I only asked for a call back. Just one. I called you 250 times!” Continue Reading »

No matter how pretty or hot or sexy a girl is, she’s still trying to get more attention and usually will do a lot in order to get that attention.  When Hooter’s waitresses go for attention, everyone wins. Continue Reading »

Sometimes Legos can be used for fun.  Sometimes just for show-and-tell.  I’m pretty sure that this Lego Star Wars creation might border on being show-and-tell and usable fun. Continue Reading »

Well I just sold my car and cashed in my retirement savings but my new mail order bride Natasha is on her way from Russia… Continue Reading »

Yes it’s over for the once powerful Beverly Hills 90210 mega-popular star who had her way with many of the boys on the campus of Bev Hills high school.  Only this time she’s the defeated, and nobody knows how many more tries these feet will get. Continue Reading »

I’m not interested in watching “David” from Roseanne but would sit through 20+ minutes of boredom for a few peeks at Kaley’s physique.  If you haven’t yet taken the time to check out Kaley, I’d highly recommend it. Continue Reading »

Paris Hilton constantly proving good taste and talent are overrated. That and the world is coming to an end any day now… Continue Reading »

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