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November, 2007

If you like feet or hate them, these ones will bother you (remember that scene in Kill Bill when Uma looks at her feet in the truck?).   Guess the celeb.  She played a farm girlmean high schooler, stuck up high schooler, a witch with attitude, and illegitimate child. Continue Reading »

Kiera Chaplin is an American actress and model, a granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin and a great-granddaughter of Eugene O’Neill.  Being that she’s this hot, chances are she’s adopted. Continue Reading »

There have been pictures of this BMW girl floating around the Internet for years.. I’m just wondering where she is and if she’ll pose with a Ferrari (which I will steal is she’ll take pictures next to it). Continue Reading »

In what I can only assume as a giant mistake made by hands-off parents and their unwillingness to watch where their money goes, welcome to the worst abomination Porsche ever incurred. Continue Reading »

Russia, where the weather is even worse than the food makes for some pretty cool looking pictures.
Continue Reading »

Like its closed coupe brother, the N400 Roadster features an upgraded version of the Vantage V8’s 4.3L engine producing 400 HP and 309 lb-ft of torque.  I’m sure the models will flock to the car, so there is not one included with it. Continue Reading »

There are few things that cause the pyro in me to pay attention to something besides the way flames dance around for me in fires, but these girls playing in front of fire is one of those things. Continue Reading »

Chyler Leigh really seems to like taking pictures. I’m not sure if this is something that she gets paid for or just does to help make my days a little better. Either way, thank you Chyler! Continue Reading »

Ya, after reading that title you could interpret it different ways. However you read it, it’s right. Continue Reading »

Though her career isn’t over yet there’s a good chance this Charmed one won’t be playing the leading lady anytime soon. Continue Reading »

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