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December, 2007

I’m not sure what company Anahi Gonzales models bikinis or lingerie for, but I will tell you that she doesn’t look like any Gonzales that I’ve seen in the Texas area. Continue Reading »

Amazing, just simply amazing. Checking out these pictures of Jennifer Garner, I will insist that she has more spring back than any tramp I’ve ever seen.  After having given birth, these pictures are proof that all women could look just as good post-baby as pre-baby. Continue Reading »

The only thing Romania has done for me is produce one gorgeous bikini model. I’m sure that Catrinel has a lot in common with my girlfriend, because my girlfriend is 5 foot 9 inches tall and 221 pounds (she’s dyslexic). Continue Reading »

It’s a damn shame.. Charlize Theron actually auditioned for the lead role of the movie Showgirls (if you are male and haven’t seen Showgirls, you don’t like nudity). Continue Reading »

The hit parade just doesn’t slow down with SMG: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, IKWYDLS, Scream 2, Small Soldiers, Simply Irresistible, Cruel Intentions, Angel, Scooby Doo, The Grudge (2), Happily N’Ever After, and now some upcoming movies, Possession and Alice.  Of course, seeing more of SMG’s body would be appreciated too. Continue Reading »

Today’s pile of random pictures…
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There hasn’t been nearly enough of Jessica Alba on Retard Media but that’s only because the images of her aren’t flowing through the Internet.  Well, not the high quality version.  She became famous to me in Dark Angel, and remained hot in Fantastic 4 and Sin City.  Let’s hope she returns my love letters someday. Continue Reading »

Whenever you can find twins that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, you need to pay attention. I’m sure that the Olsen twin videos, aimed at kids, wouldn’t be too hard for me to figure out and follow the story line through. Continue Reading »

Today’s pile of random pictures…
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I haven’t listened to Laura Pausini sing, yet.  I’m sure that it will be on some radio station, somewhere, and I will get the pleasure of hearing her singing, or the pain.  I did notice that she has a DVD available, but without the guarantee of nudity, I’m not interested. Continue Reading »

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