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March, 2008

NASCAR drivers are whimps. They’re protected by some flimsy sheet metal, but the formula drivers that stick their head out of the cars are the real men of racing. I would drive one of those cars (if someone were stupid enough to let me). Continue Reading »

There have been a couple posts here of Alyson Hannigan, but in the mind of this Retard, there’s no way to get enough of her. If you have some way of introducing me to her, and have her ignore the restraining order she has against me, you’ll be my best friend. Continue Reading »

This is like a woman that you see on the beach as you are walking by yourself, pretending to glance around like you’re searching for a friend or someone that cares you even exist. When you see her, you just stare and evenually crush a kid’s sandcastle because you didn’t watch where you were walking. Sorry Jimmy. Continue Reading »

Christina Applegate. Need I say more? Let’s start with Married with Children, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Just Visting (they aren’t all winners), and The Sweetest Thing. Now lets see some pics! Continue Reading »

Please take your time looking at the pictures and let me know if you have ever seen better chest squishies on another human being, ever. Estefania Kuester gets my vote as having God’s gift of the perfect rack. Continue Reading »

Aria Giovanni is more than a hottie in a revealing lingerie, she’s also a world class astrophysics professor and leader of the London Conservatorship on classical music preservation. LOL! Continue Reading »

Just because one person asks for more pictures of Denise Milani does not mean that they will be given to you. But.. since I just happen to find more, I’ll share them. That’s the only reason. Seriously. Don’t leave a comment asking for stuff, because I won’t appease. Really. Continue Reading »

She’s a singer who at 24 hasn’t moved to the U.S.A., which means she’s probably hiding something or doesn’t have the faculties to take on Britney Spears in a bad-mother contest. Also, Katie Melua isn’t going to be getting enough attention in the States unless she wears less clothes. Continue Reading »

You must admit that if you’ve seen her name, you joked about her parent’s having OCD OCD or trying to break their stuttering habit. Even with a name like that, Danneel Harris is so hot, I would learn to spell her name correctly and even change my name to be Micchhaaeel. Continue Reading »

I think that it’s a great thing that a man like Elliot Spitzer can get a hottie like Kristen Ashley Alexandra Dupre Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro for only $1,000 an hour (I’ve paid more for some beastly looking women). More importantly, I like that it wasn’t taxpayer money paying for it. Here’s to you Ashley, keeping the American economy going! Continue Reading »

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