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March, 2008

Let me just first defend something.. the name Stella (as in Stella McCartney) really doesn’t go well with this person. Actually, I should probably just give her a new name now. Instead of Stella, maybe her name should be Gladys Bertha Missy. Ya, Missy. Welcome Missy McCartney. Continue Reading »

Denise Milani is smart. She was born in Europe and moved to Southern California. That’s about all I used to consider her smart. Oh ya, and she uses her body to make money. Besides that, I’m sure there’s not much else required for a hot chick to be considered smart. Continue Reading »

She’s not really known for being sexy as much as being known as a girl-next-door that you wish you could have gotten a chance to be with during a lonely night. And ya sure, I’ve probably donated a load or three to pictures of Alicia Silverstone. Continue Reading »

I’m afraid of going out with any woman that could easily kick my ass if we were to get into a fight, and Brooke Hogan would beat me senseless. Since I’ve been in so many fights, I’m really fast. And if we get in a fight and she doesn’t run, she’ll never catch me. Continue Reading »

Since Denise Richards last appearance here was really, really bad I think that she felt guilty and decided to send me these pictures. I initially told her I wouldn’t post these new pictures so she offered to do me a personal favor if I posted these pictures. Continue Reading »

Alexandra Maria Lara is part German, part Romanian, all woman. Acting in most crime shows, it’s only a little time until she comes to the states and starts knocks off the current actresses that are getting too old for visual pleasure. Continue Reading »

The more interesting pictures I found on the web today, complete with retarded commentary.
Continue Reading »

Ho hummm… nothing to see here folks. Just the model Barsi Adrienn in some clothes, and out of some clothes. Of course, if you enjoy the female form than you will stop reading and start viewing now. Continue Reading »

The more interesting pictures I found on the web today, complete with retarded commentary.
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I don’t know what to say about Jessica. I’m pretty sure that Jessica Pears isn’t her real name. I can also guarantee she has at least one stalker (umm.. hello!). Continue Reading »

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