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April, 2008

Kate Bosworth has been in several movies worth avoiding. The Superman Returns movie sucked. Unless you are guaranteed to get some from your woman, The Horse Whisperer sucked. You need to see Blue Crush though, lots of bikini time and some other revealing clothing. Continue Reading »

Come on now, you might not remember seeing her because it was during a commercial, but Melanie Sykes is the beer girl! Well, not in the USA, but for the Retard Media readers in the UK, they got sucked into drinking Boggingtons because of Melanie’s bikini wearing body. Continue Reading »

Sometimes there’s not a lot of information available on the Internet about someone, which is the case with Melina Pitra who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1985. I’m sure one of the readers can share something more about her in the comments section. Until that time I will let you know she’s got a great asset. Continue Reading »

One look at Eva Herzigova and you would know that she’s too hot to be serving waffles at IHOP or to be going out with a loser like me even if my mommy tells me that I’m special and my lisp will go away after enough speach lessons even though my teacher makes fun of me and.. I mean.. umm.. She’s hot. Continue Reading »

I’m not sure why but a lot of visitors asked for more pictures of Denise Milani and the Ford GT. This is all that I have left of this series so I hope it’s enough. Be sure to check the driver of every Ford GT you see just in case. Continue Reading »

When you are an Indonesian singer/songwriter and your name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi, most American’s just assume you’ll sing while answering their tech support phone call. Anggun actually makes me believe that India puts out more than cheap tech support. Continue Reading »

Kocsis Orsi was Hungary Playboy Playmate of the Year. Even though it was more than a decade ago, she would still classify as the hottest prom date around. I wonder if she ever tosses one to a high schooler just so that she’s drooled over more. Continue Reading »

Patricia Manterola was born in Mexico and snuck across the border in the back of a hot looking car, whch would explain how she looks. The rumor is that she sings and acts and models too.. I’m too busy looking at her pictures to verify that stuff though. Continue Reading »

Severine Bremond i a female tennis player from France that was informed that being an average tennis player while looking smoking hot is a guaranteed to make her millions of dollars, to which she replied Oui! Oui! Oui! Continue Reading »

If you are watching BBC soap operas, you have no dignity but at least you get to see Louisa Lytton. At her current age of 19, she’s legal for nearly everything except drinking (but nobody would refuse to sell her anything). Continue Reading »

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