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June, 2008

You might not be a computer geek unless you’ve seen pictures of Jennifer Lamiraqui desktop images. Of course as a computer geek you won’t know who she is, but you will recognize her desktops from the major wallpaper sites. For the rest of the population, Lamiraqui has a small cult following. Continue Reading »

Irina Sheik is from Russia and though she isn’t with love, she does have a pictorial in the SI Swimsuit Issues in 2007 and 2008 (and with 2009 coming up, she’ll probably be peering her face again soon). I’m happy that this site has finally got a Sheik on it. Continue Reading »

Retarded tour of the web complete with retarded commentary.

Continue Reading »

These guys built their own car from Ghostbusters – kinda funny the old ambulances were also used as hearses, guess that would save time. Continue Reading »

I’m not sure what it is. I can’t actually get any girl to like me due to many reason that you could physically see, not to mention how blind dates reject me over the phone. I am about to make a comment on how though Megan Fox is totally hot, but I couldn’t do anything with her unless she wore gloves on those man-ish hands. Continue Reading »

Sometimes when girls are too skinny there’s a reason to use black and white photos.. so that you can’t see the details of their pale and pasty skin. I’ll take a real girl over a boy-look-a-like anytime. Continue Reading »

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