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July, 2008

The French have some serious problems. The smells, the inability to speak properly, the smells. But when the French do something right it’s worth admiring. And you should admire some pictures of Linda Hardy because she’s French. And doesn’t smell. Continue Reading »

This desert camouflage Panzer IV has some pretty impressive details including internal seating for the crew, rotating turret and very accurate modeling. Continue Reading »

When you are female, not disabled, and have a contract with Revlon Cosmetics company there’s a good chance an average guy has ruined someone’s sock or wash cloth over your pictures. Jennifer Lamiraqui should look to getting into a deal with a towel manufacturer. Continue Reading »

Carmen Electra is getting just a little older, day-by-day. You can see this clearly whenever there are paparazzi pictures. I’m sure that with her unchanged acting ability and current aging rate, hot pictures of Carmen will soon be remembered like Farrah Fawcett. Continue Reading »

Clueless as to who Brittany Murphy is, I don’t blame you. She use to be a potentially hot girl, but somewhere along the line I think that Cristina Ricci stole the look that Murphy was going to use, leaving Murphy to just stand around and look lost. Continue Reading »

I don’t usually find tall and lanky women appealing, and thankfully Beth Ostrosky helps me keep that opinion the same. I’m not sure why Howard Stern would settle for this when there are much hotter women available. Perhaps Beth just knows how to use her tongue? Continue Reading »

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