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Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.

My cat practices kung fu and jujitsu so the neighborhood robots are no match.

What happened to being happy when a tree looks like a tree?

Who watches all this and just takes pictures?

I knew there was a sane and rational explanation for zebra colors.

This guy always makes his kids work while he enjoys relaxing.

When I die I’m hoping not to have anyone do this to me in my coffin.

Looks like someone stole the steering wheel from the other side.

I convinced this woman that “Lamborghini” is Italian for drive around naked.

I was too busy taking pictures of people having sex to have sex myself…

… but at least I got a couple good sex pictures.

Why a $2,000 boat looks better than a $150,000 Mercedes.

I didn’t know the Transformers were into photobombing.

The Chinese military train for all situations.

If these kids were in Los Angeles the table would be filled with food stamps.

Nobody understands my dad.

The women bring the beer until they start looking good enough to be taken home.

This is the original mastermind behind Unk’s Walk It Out.

This is a future disgruntled employee that’s ready to act.

This is the last time this boy was seen without being harassed for making the world’s worst face.

The product placement in Passion of The Christ is so subtle.

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