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Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.

Why do girls always try different camoflage to get away from me?

Recession hits hard and creativity grows, including dressing in $.08 recycled 2-liter bottles.

If Smurfs were meant to give you nightmares.

Wars are wars, even if it’s Star Wars.

My friends swear I look like my pet.

I gave up trying to make a turducken.

All heavy metal bands have similar logos.

The original Hannibal Lector just made people sexual instead of scared.

What is and what is not happening in this picture?
(dirt-like-substance around monitor, cat stretching, girl w/pants down, etc…)

This woman dresses like Angelina Jolie for Halloween.

I like the SpongeBob backpack (see more of the girl in this picture)

Even self-shot mirror pictures have product placement. Oxy?

Ever since I started stretching I’ve been much, much more flexible.

Why must good sunflowers die every year to this waste… take it off immediately!

I can’t find any more cabinet space, it’s time to upgrade my kitchen.

How to disable a woman seems like it might not be quite politically correct.

“Light police car on fire, check. Start stripping naked, check. Break out a tune on instrument while skipping away…”

This might not be the best way to settle the soda wars.

Sometimes it’s easier to eat some McDonalds when you’re sharing it with friends.

I’m almost finished filling my pool for the weekend of relaxation…

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