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Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.

Some countries don’t have proper concrete for paving roads.

The cats on the bottom are a little slow to catch up with what’s worth watching.

Pretty sure my sister isn’t the virgin she pretends to be…

Nearly a perfect pushup, only Lou Ferrigno can do better.

I was kicked out of chorus for replacing Mozart with chopsticks.

My aunt looks like a walrus when she’s laughing.

Sometimes my desktop gets a little messy.

I didn’t see Abe write this but I heard it was just a few minutes before I arrived.

Less than the 1% of the 1% of the 2% care about this picture, but still are smart enough to know what it says.

My cake reminds me of my web surfing history.

Now I understand why MS Word always tries to correct my grammar.

When people ask me about my Facebook account, I send them this.

Even if I wasn’t on the Internet since the early 1990’s I still wouldn’t remember my first email address.

I’ve been looking all over for “c” but haven’t found any of them, I need 150 C or just 50 if I can make up my mind.

Randy Moss has his own reason to celebrate the Raider’s life.

I’m pretty sure that these girls are afraid of needles and hate art.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with her face but at least she’s distracting you from it, unlike the next girl…

Not even with two thumbs up and a 6-pack of Jager.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used the generic version of Cool Whip when convincing a girl to wear a whip cream bikini.

My finger was hurting so I decided to end it’s life.

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