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Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.

My neighbor doesn’t seem to mind my obsessive voyeurism.

I finally found a girl that can’t run away from me.

There are no cures for what I have.

My uncle let me drive his car when I kissed his private parts.

Some woman swore she was going to meet me on a bench and asked me to wait… maybe she didn’t know I had scuba gear.

No question that my stalking stops with women this strong.

One day my Nintendo fascination might allow me to trade with others.

Sometimes you do some pretty awkward things for money…

Not all of my family had a distinguished career in the military.

My latest photo for that date site (I have received no call backs yet).

Egyptians just lay down for any event.

This is how I ignore people that talk to me about being responsible.

Grandpa rarely wears his Church clothes over for dinner.

This guy has game… I couldn’t get a prostitute to take me even when I paid extra.

I’d be scared of being eaten if I was a small guy like the bookends in this photo.

Naked man junk usually gives me the same face as the little boy (sorry grandpa).

I’ve never seen someone’s body being eaten by muscle before.

Skittles, taste the adventure!

My family is really, Really, REALLY slow to potty-train.

Come back soon, I’ll be here waiting for you 😉

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