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Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.

Bud Light is my favorite beer but whenever I can have a toy, I’ll buy whatever beer it comes with.

Since I was a test tube baby, I decided to figure out what I missed out on.

… because the Angry birds outfit makes me look retarded?

I knew that Barbie wasn’t going to take Ken’s metrosexuality forever.

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to sneak in here to take a picture before the flight…

Every brony should have a hero to look up to.

When you take a picture to look like you’re leaning on a building it looks good, when you take a picture of dozens of people doing the same thing, it looks like this.

This violin player can really get down!

I got all my white stuff on these girls… NO! I mean white suds from Dove soap.

One time I had a teacher that farted so badly it emptied the classroom for years.

“Time for some shooting, gonna use some bamboo for a stick and… get some limes and a kiwi for pool balls.”

My work outfits are usually frowned upon.

I started collecting old people from bus stops, I might have grabbed some expired ones.

If you know about the shirt in this picture, you are definitely at the wrong and the right place.

This mushroom looked so awesome I stared at it for 10 minutes before realizing Mario & Luigi weren’t around.

It’s all fun and games until “Magneto” becomes a crybaby because the super glue we used to attach the metal objects.

Even King Kong has stunt doubles.

There is quite a bit more crap in this picture than you can see.

I have no idea what any of the writing says, I just like to read it (-:

This is what acceptance feels like… I’m the luckiest Patrick that doesn’t live under a rock at the bottom of Bikini Bottom.

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