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Not to be outdone by all the websites popping up online trying to give the true feeling of having Neta on their site. Well not to brag, but this is the 2nd set of pictures of Neta on Retard Media which is like winning a prize that you don’t give much care about. Continue Reading »

There’s little chance that the dredges that search the Internet for women like Neta Alchamister would be using something sophisticated like her name, but using an image search engine might be more likely. Though the pictures of Neta have circulated around the Internet, at Retard Media they make history. Continue Reading »

If you haven’t heard about the lingerie basketball league, you really haven’t been paying attention to ESPN 8 (The Ocho) and while that’s totally acceptable for your previous ignorance, there’s no more need to be ignorant of women in lingerie, no matter what sport catches their endeavoring. Continue Reading »

To be totally honest this is not really the best post I’ll put together, neither for today or even this same hour. This really feels like I’m forcing it, it’s not natural like it should be. Look at the pictures of the women blending into the scenery in some form and you’ll noticed nudity! Continue Reading »

Not all rooms are created equal. Not all levels of retarded rooms are equal either, as the more retard the room the more the curiosity of us voyeurs upon the pictures. My eyes hurt from not blinking enough. Continue Reading »

Maybe you aren’t much into soccer or football as the countries without football call it soccer and those that have it, well, they are just awesome. So with the Chinese playing soccer/football, and the only allowed Chinese to participate are hot Asian women, you can see the math forming. Continue Reading »

The Olympic female gymnast for the United States, the one with the facial expression that has grabbed it’s own meme and been over-exploited is really just for a quick look. More of the pictures of McKayla Maroney are starting to make their way Internet topside, so check ’em out. Continue Reading »

Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.
Continue Reading »

There’s not much I can say about this… well, there is a lot that I can say about this, but there’s not much that I will. While attempting to find something totally unrelated to the Olympic divers and still shots of their in-action highlights, I found, uh, well, I found Olympic divers and still shots of their in-action highlights. Continue Reading »

Welcome to Maryse Ouellet, who had pictures taken of herself and then allowed those pictures to be found and later submitted to Retard Media for exposure. Sure this is just another re-posting of the same pictures that are floating around on the Internet, but without having OC (original content) from Maryse this is what is available. Continue Reading »

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