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I find it pretty damn rude that a car would get into an accident before I get close enough to take pictures but not too soon that causes me to wait in traffic.  Very, very irresponsible.  Do you have insurance? Continue Reading »

It’s not just about having power, you need to know how to use it too. When you get MQ Power, you get… never mind. I’m not selling the things, I just found some and took some pictures. Continue Reading »

I’m not a phobic of nearly anything (well, except for light and milk and germs and anything that smells) so I have no problems with gay people or their against-God’s-will-ways.  Just joking, I’m gay too.  Nobody at the party is happier than me. Continue Reading »

There will be about 10,000 Rolls Royce Phantoms built and then people will have to find something better to do with their $300,000 I guess. The body guard following the Rolls seemed upset about the picture taking, sorry Mustafa. Continue Reading »

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