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Angelina Jolie

She’s getting skinnier as she gets older, so before she becomes a mummy or something you wouldn’t want to do, here’s some pics of Angelina Jolie from when she was hot. Continue Reading »

Jolie could make a dead man sit up and pay attention when she’s wearing sweats and a t-shirt, so I don’t even know what sort of nastiness Grandpa Herbert is doing in his grave knowing about these sexy pictures of Jolie. Continue Reading »

Tomb Raider.  That’s what makes Jolie popular among men…  HA HA.. ya right, check out her body!  She’s hot and because she’s crazy, there’s the remote chance that the average guy thinks he could get with her. Continue Reading »

In what is either the world’s ugliest hat or her son’s future spaghetti dinner, Angelina Jolie is either being fashionable or totally lost her mind. Since she’s dealing with almost a half dozen kids and Brad Pitt is being a mommy, maybe she’s just looking for attention. Continue Reading »

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