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Megan Fox

I’m not sure what it is. I can’t actually get any girl to like me due to many reason that you could physically see, not to mention how blind dates reject me over the phone. I am about to make a comment on how though Megan Fox is totally hot, but I couldn’t do anything with her unless she wore gloves on those man-ish hands. Continue Reading »

You’ve seen her more online in pictures than you have in movies. After several TV show appearances it seems that most of America is not too interested in seeing this Fox. Continue Reading »

Megan Fox suffering from an anorexic blackout began hallucinating she was surrounded by vampires, then started waving this phallic symbol she borrowed from Hayden Panettie. Continue Reading »

There just aren’t enough pics of Megan Fox floating around the Internet, so I’m posting these. Please understand that I just needed to see something different online here. Continue Reading »

Seems that so many people liked the first Megan Fox pictures, more should be posted.  So here you all go, I just spent my load and I don’t mean JEOMK. Continue Reading »

She is totally my oscar’s favorite…
Will watch Transformers just to see her acting talents.
Continue Reading »

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