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Gabrielle Anwar is not just an everyday hot girl, she’s more like a super-everyday hot woman. She first got the attention of this Retard when she co-starred with Michael J Fox in For Love or Money where she was the cute girl with the cute accent. Continue Reading »

Amber Leigh Lancaster is an American model and actress. She is best known for playing Jenny Swanson on MTVs The Hard Times of RJ Berger, as well as being a current model on The Price is Right. The reason she made it onto Retard Media is because, well, there were 8 files in a folder with her name and it was decided, post before deleting local copy. Continue Reading »

It was a wild Internet search that yielded a partial picture of Ksenija that turned into Ksenia which lead to Xenia Deli, the woman who will now be able to list Retard Media as a stalker fan! Continue Reading »

Actually, there is not much of a chance that before this site posted pictures of Therese Charlotte Margrethe Nielsen that she would have wandered onto the site. Visitors to Retard Media do not accidentally show up, right? Well, welcome Therese, direct from not-America. Continue Reading »

Sometimes the power of the Retard Media viewership is enough to help give love and support to those wonderful people that are displayed on this site. In this case, welcome Aleksandra. Though she doesn’t need anything from Retard Media, it never hurts to try. Continue Reading »

If you haven’t heard of Jennifer Nicole Lee yet, don’t worry about it, you either don’t need to know such things or are just being kept away from too much potential fapping. Continue Reading »

Sure you know who Anastasia Luppova is because you are a world class billiards player that… no? Oh. Well, you must have seen Anastasia play on ESPN8, The Ocho. Not only does Anastasia yield a stick, she uses is it like a master. Continue Reading »

Some celebrities have names that are meant for stardom, not just the names they make up for themselves because of embarassment. I would like to welcome Angel Faith as the first Retard Media person in over a year to make the hit list! Continue Reading »

This year’s election does prove that with the right marketing Socialism will sell if marketed properly. The Chinese have picked up on this and have launched this very effective campaign targeting their young people.
Continue Reading »

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model, known for her modeling work and for her relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Looking at Bar you couldn’t easily tell that she grew up on a horse ranch and that she would be twisted with DiCaprio, but sometimes the self-esteem of the most beautiful women is that low. No offense Leo. Continue Reading »

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