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Sarah Michelle Gellar

There was a time that I would pay money to see Sarah Michelle Gellar, or SMG as her fans call her, doing anything that revealed a little skin. These days, I would pay for her to put on more clothing… something about her new showing off attitude just sucks. She should play a grimm reaper so she could wear robes. Continue Reading »

The hit parade just doesn’t slow down with SMG: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, IKWYDLS, Scream 2, Small Soldiers, Simply Irresistible, Cruel Intentions, Angel, Scooby Doo, The Grudge (2), Happily N’Ever After, and now some upcoming movies, Possession and Alice.  Of course, seeing more of SMG’s body would be appreciated too. Continue Reading »

Sarah Michelle Gellar Jones Smith Prince the 3rd.  I don’t know why SMG has to have so many names.  Nor why she had to be so 21st century and not take her husband’s name.  Maybe he should have taken hers. Continue Reading »

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