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When you have a spare camera and want to take your time snapping photos of the back of trucks, be sure that you have a good speed setting on your camera because the trucks will fly by at extreme and incredible speeds, even if the Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado isn’t the cleanest or best truck, it still has a truck bed. Continue Reading »

While driving down some nicer streets on a trip across America a classic and old looking Ford came puttering up the street. The car drew the attention of many people because the car was clean, it was convertible, the sun was shining, and the car just looked cool. Continue Reading »

These guys built their own car from Ghostbusters – kinda funny the old ambulances were also used as hearses, guess that would save time. Continue Reading »

BMW has the M5 that all the guys want to own (well, at least those of us with two testicles that have descended). The BMW M5 comes in a wagon Touring version for around $130,000, but only if you live outside of the United States of America. Why won’t BMW bring the M5 Touring over to the USA? ‘Cause they’re bitches. Continue Reading »

NASCAR drivers are whimps. They’re protected by some flimsy sheet metal, but the formula drivers that stick their head out of the cars are the real men of racing. I would drive one of those cars (if someone were stupid enough to let me). Continue Reading »

Alright, now I only drive my 1974 Pinto to work and back so I’m not a car expert (though my parents keep buying me 1974 Pintos with targets painted on the back), but it seems that the Chevy Corvette isn’t getting a compliment from the n2a lowrider modifications. Continue Reading »

I find it pretty damn rude that a car would get into an accident before I get close enough to take pictures but not too soon that causes me to wait in traffic.  Very, very irresponsible.  Do you have insurance? Continue Reading »

In what I can only assume as a giant mistake made by hands-off parents and their unwillingness to watch where their money goes, welcome to the worst abomination Porsche ever incurred. Continue Reading »

Like its closed coupe brother, the N400 Roadster features an upgraded version of the Vantage V8’s 4.3L engine producing 400 HP and 309 lb-ft of torque.  I’m sure the models will flock to the car, so there is not one included with it. Continue Reading »

Just the third in a series of only ten ever to be built, the unfortunate Ford GT Roush 600 RE you will see below only saw three days of use before its untimely death. Continue Reading »

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