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Playing football in Paris is going to be a problem with soccer king you are going to have no one else to play with. With a full cocktail of steroids, horse testosterone and who knows what else coursing through your veins you with no one to unleash your violent attacks on something…
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Once upon a time everything was made of wood, now the work put into this wood computer case probably cost ten times more than the computer inside…

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Take a homely looking Japanese woman and combine some sort of drug induced seizure and or the most retarded, least talented performance art dance routine and you get this public eye sore.
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Take a dozen or so artists who probably studied dance at some prestigious college while their parents paid 30K a year and one telephone commercial and you have their first paid gig! If only they could swim at least they’d have a shot at an Olympic medal…
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Video evidence of a man physically losing his marbles over a hot chick.
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There have been few opportunities to state emphatically that there is not a comparison when finding the ‘-est’ of something. The funniest, dullest, greatest, or in this case stupidest. Sometimes people throw around the ‘-est’ without actually meaning it. We mean it. Continue Reading »

Usually I have something better to do than post space life movies, but I guess today isn’t one of those days. Continue Reading »

I don’t talk about what I do because I had not yet perfected my routine, but now I have it down. Continue Reading »

There are times when you see something that reminds you of something or someone you know or know about. I know a little about Howard Stern and I must say this reminds me of something he would do as a skeleton. Continue Reading »

I’m pretty sure that this is technically a $2 stripper. Continue Reading »

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