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Before learning to correctly spell Candice Swanpoel’s name it was easy to identify her by face, abs/stomach, chest, and using lots of other areas on her. This is more pictures of Candice in a bikini, you know that you are getting bored with these, right? Continue Reading »

Gabrielle Anwar is not just an everyday hot girl, she’s more like a super-everyday hot woman. She first got the attention of this Retard when she co-starred with Michael J Fox in For Love or Money where she was the cute girl with the cute accent. Continue Reading »

Amber Leigh Lancaster is an American model and actress. She is best known for playing Jenny Swanson on MTVs The Hard Times of RJ Berger, as well as being a current model on The Price is Right. The reason she made it onto Retard Media is because, well, there were 8 files in a folder with her name and it was decided, post before deleting local copy. Continue Reading »

Today’s retard tour of the web in pictures with retarded commentaryisms.
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Retarded tour of the web complete with retarded commentary.

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Just when you thought that the life of Tori Spelling was over (just because her mom paid over $40 million for an apartment and Tori didn’t get anything), she reappears with pictures of someone else’s body in a bikini with her head photoshopped on. Nice job art department! Continue Reading »

Retarded tour of the web complete with retarded commentary.

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Welcome Sayaka Ando, you are quite a special young lady. In Japan, Sayaka is paid to do anything she’s willing to in a bikini or leotard (ha ha… I said tard). In Japan there are groups of people that are willing to pay hot women to show off their body. Umm… I guess Japan isn’t really unique like that. I’m off to watch the exercise class at the local Y now. Continue Reading »

Kate Bosworth has been in several movies worth avoiding. The Superman Returns movie sucked. Unless you are guaranteed to get some from your woman, The Horse Whisperer sucked. You need to see Blue Crush though, lots of bikini time and some other revealing clothing. Continue Reading »

Come on now, you might not remember seeing her because it was during a commercial, but Melanie Sykes is the beer girl! Well, not in the USA, but for the Retard Media readers in the UK, they got sucked into drinking Boggingtons because of Melanie’s bikini wearing body. Continue Reading »

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